Blue Flower

Welcome Class. This will be a new website I am trying to set up for easy interactive use between us all. 

I hope that we can learn to this site to do a number of things to help grow us as a class as we grow in His family. Some of the stuff I envision to start are so simple and include:

  • Birthday List
  • Interactive Pray List that can track results
  • Calendar for Events
  • Message Board and Forum
  • Class Organization and Needs
  • Maybe some archive of lesson plans

I'm not entirely certain. I know we can do a lot. BTW - I'm looking for help with all of this. This is not a one man show and if you have a desire to pitch in I will gladly accept your help. This interface is actually pretty easy to learn to do. If however you feel that's too big a commitment on your part but you have some neat ideas and suggestions I'd love to hear them.


I can hardly wait until I can quit writing "I" in these messages and start writing "we" instead. That means you; sign up.